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Willie Mccullough : Vishaka nakshatra match making
It is considered as the most important of the ten kootas as it ensures a long life for the husband. It will not happen once but many a times in their life that they will vishaka nakshatra match making stuck in two options to choose from. Rahu become more intelligent with logical attitude, firming mind, communicative, philosophical and do well in professional life. HI, In your browser Java Script is disabled.

vishaka nakshatra match making

About Willie Mccullough vishaka nakshatra match making

Boss, You are truly great! Everything you predicted is exactly true in mycase. I was a non-beliver in horoscopes vishaka nakshatra match making now, but your predictions make me think differently. Thank you very much Vijay.
The following are the Dasa poruttams matching rules handed down to us over hundreds of years. A value is put to the above as shown in following table. Rows are Girl's nakshatra and columns are Boy's nakshatra. The maximum value can be 36 points.
Porutham is the method of match-making between a girl and a boy for a compatible marital relationship. There are 10 Poruthams in Vedic Astrology which are based on the various combinations of birth star, of the boy and the girl. The Poruthams gives hint about various aspects of a married life such as long life of husband, peaceful relationship, sexual compatibility, mutual love and attachment and so on. The chart below shows the stars which are compatible to each other for happy or a compatible married life. If the boy and the girl has the same star, it is considered for alliance, but in general inter-alia within the above six other stars, then not considered in general. Star matching can be considered favorable if most of the other aspects are found agreeable. Site best viewed in IE 8.

Non-Smoker with Athletic body type
20 year old Female, (161cm)
Marital Status
Willie Mccullough wants to date but nothing serious.
Do you have children?


Match Making in Indian Vedic Astrology. Marriage is a very solemn binding for the bride and the groom. In India it is a very sacred occasion for the Hindus. The parents and the aged relatives of the boy and the girl to be married take great care before getting them engaged in wedlock as there is no turning back from the marriage vow. To ensure a long and happy married life, the ancient Indian sages and saints devised a method to check the matrimonial adaptability or marriageable compatibility which is called 'Marriage Matching' or 'Match-making'.
Agni and Indra stand for heat, power and authority. Vishakha is a Star of Purpose and evokes various meanings such as double-branched, forked, or poison vessel. With the frequency of unwholesome goals, it is a concern to handle this impulse within this asterism, as vishaka nakshatra match making natives are easy preys to alcohol, drugs and sex. Vishakha natives have an urge to throng the local bar. Vishakha natives have a jubilant aspect to their personality, and this makes them love ceremony and pomp. In case they opt for the pleasure of the senses, they often tend to turn into party freaks.
Saturday, October 1, Rahu in Vishaka Nakshatra. Vishakha nakshatra one of the jupter nakshtra where Rahu gives good results. Generally Expansion quality of Jupiter is one of the desire of rahu and Rahu in vishakha nakshtatra due to Jupiter spiritual presence gives good results and right balancing effects. Due to blessings of both great planet Jupiter and Venus, Rahu enjoys materialistic gains in this sign with public fame and achievement. Vishaka Nakshatra known for particular ambition, task, higher goals of life and purpose of life.

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